Hi I’m Kenneth Leslie R. Ortega.  I’m a licensed nurse and an international flight attendant from Manila, Philippines. Thanks for stopping by!

Through personal and work, I have seen and explored amazing destinations which truly inspires me. From domestic to international travels, I learned a lot about myself and the world. Over time, I found myself looking at the collection of photos I have and realized the growth I gained through these journeys. I want to share my travels so I can inspire others and for them to make time to see the world. It’s a vast jungle out there but take it from me, it demands to be seen.

Aside from travels, I also want to share my personal style and stories through this blog. Growing up, I was already into fashion and photography since I can remember but haven’t found the time to explore them. Now I want to focus on these too and give my thoughts to readers!

Join me as I continue to share my adventures, thoughts and aspiration. Cheers!