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Affinity Dental Clinics: The First Visit

One of the best accessories you can wear is your SMILE, learn to take care of it!!

Last May 21, 2018, I had my first visit at Affinity Dental Clinics in Makati to have an Oral Prophylaxis (Basic Cleaning) done. I can’t remember when my last oral prophylaxis was but I am sure it’s been years. Personally, I don’t go to the dentist often mainly because I prioritize other things but dental health is something that we should not take for granted.


“Upon entering, you are greeted by beautiful interiors and friendly staff”

Before entering the clinic, I wasn’t really expecting much because I have been to a number of dental clinics already but upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised!

Affinity Dental Clinics’ interiors utilize modern design elements in warm and inviting tones, creating a calming environment for patients as they arrive. This is actually the most aesthetically pleasing dental clinic I’ve been to.

With coordinated interiors, their receiving area is even better than some hotel lobbies I’ve been to. It really tells something about the clinic. It shows that they really put an effort on what they do and that they are competing to be one of the best.

After my appointment was checked on the counter, I was ushered by their staff to one of their treatment rooms. They actually have a total of 5 treatment rooms including an “under the sea” themed kiddie room. They also have a sterile state of the art operating room for surgeries and dental implants plus a fully digital dental laboratory where they make their own Zirconia crowns and bridges. There’s also a conference room, a VIP room and a recovery room with a huge lounge.

The Operating Room”

“Under-the-Sea themed Kiddie Room”

Before my treatment, a consultation was done where I was asked by the dentist (Ms. Tina Robles) if I have any concerns and questions regarding dentals treatments. I had a lot of questions about lingual braces, Invisalign braces and veneers. Since I work in an Airline, regular braces is prohibited (for aesthetic purposes) and I was looking for an alternative to have my teeth alignment improved. She explained that a more conservative method would be the lingual braces although it will take some time. Invisalign would work too but it’s very costly. And Veneers would give instant solution to what I want but with certain cons. She briefly explained my choices and gave her recommendation but ultimately I will be the one to decide. I was really satisfied with her explanation since I did ask a lot.

“With Doctor Raia Tirona”

Moving forward, I underwent the oral prophylaxis treatment and everything ran smoothly. I was even commended for having a fairly whiter teeth than most and for having zero cavities. According to Dr. Tina, it seems that my teeth were well taken cared of despite the fact that I don’t do dental cleaning regularly (which is recommended every six months). Overall, I was very happy with their service.

After the service I was ushered back to the receiving area but of course I used this time to roam around the clinic. I met the other dentists who were all friendly and showed me around the facility. 

“With Doctor Raymond Salazar”

I really recommend having dental services done at Affinity Dental Clinics. They will really take care of you and give you your money’s worth. The place itself exudes a warm and comforting aura that even kids would not be scared to have their treatment. The staff were all friendly and accommodating and their dentists are both confident and competent. I really felt that I was in good hands. And for someone who has not been regularly doing dental checkups, that is reassuring.

MY RATING: 5 stars!

Affinity Dental Clinics is located at 2nd Floor, Plaza One Hundred, 100 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City (across Medical Towers Makati). They offer all dental services and procedures from conventional braces to implants and from minor to major dental operations. Also take note that their Power Whitening treatment is on an easy 12 months no interest installment with BDO credit cards. 

Book your appointment with them and start taking care of you teeth today. 

(You may call them at (02) 823 5571 / 0917 584 6852)

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