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Primary Navigation enters into a “New Era” is back indeed.

After a long-needed hiatus, this online brand that specializes in stylish and hip bracelets has just launched their New Era collection. This stunner consists of five bracelets: Kamikaze, Garuda, Haiku, Kaizen and Shinto.

“Myself wearing “New Era” Shinto and Kaizen”

“Upon receiving the items, you will get a personalized letter inside. Who doesn’t like getting letters in the mail right?”

Made with real stones of hematite, snowflake stone, and quartz, each and every bracelet was designed to showcase the beauty and individuality of the urban Japanese lifestyle.  I was lucky to be the first to get my hands on New Era, and it arrived in’s new packaging. The new package highlights the minimalist and sophisticated style of each piece in the collection, making it definitely worth the wait.  

“Their new packaging also includes goodies and some surprises inside”

The good news doesn’t end there, though. Another thing that is worth the wait (based on my recent experience) is using Calypso’s website! They have reintroduced their whole site after a major revamp, totally upgrading its features, with a new interface that is more user friendly and is easier to navigate. The photos shown are also more realistic, it’s as if you’re looking at the actual item already.

Below are the bracelets included on the “New Era” Collection.


  • Made with 8mm Hematite, Quartz, and Snowflake Stones
  • Named after the Japanese-origin motto Kaizen that means continuous improvement, this bracelet shows that style can be a combination of being strong and mild without losing one’s identity


  • Made with 8mm Hematite, Quartz, and Snowflake Stones
  • Named after the divine wind Kamikaze, that confidence shows when one believes in their real and own style regardless what people say


  • Made with 8mm Hematite, Quartz, and Snowflake Stones
  • Named after the Japanese ethnic religion Shinto, this bracelet symbolizes that sophisticated style can be worn with the right amount of angst


  • Made with 8mm Quartz, Snowflake Stones, and matte beads
  • Named after the short form of Japanese poetry Haiku, this bracelet tells that a creative and unique style can inspire and empower people


  • Made with 8mm Hematite and Snowflake Stones
  • Named after the divine bird-like creature Garuda, this bracelet expresses that a good style is bold and striking at first glance

Last September 3, 2017, Me and some of my friends went for a one-day staycation at Sofitel Manila. I was able to take these babies for a run during our stay. Check below to see my outfit and how I styled these bracelets.

“My earth tone OOTD”

“The view from our room at Sofitel. Poolside”

“Mr. Grey will see you now..”

“Attended an event wearing the bracelets too. This one is at Unit 27, BGC”


What are you waiting for? Visit their website or follow them on Instagram now to know more and to start shopping! Don’t forget to use my ambassador code “KEN10” for discounts upon purchase checkout. Cheers!

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