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Hongkong Lovin’

As filipinos, one of the easiest countries for us to visit is Hong Kong. Since the place doesn’t require us to have a Visa, almost everyone considers this place a good first overseas travel. I couldn’t agree more. Hong kong has tons of tourist attractions to visit and food options to indulge on.

“Harbour City Hong Kong”

It isn’t my first time to visit the place but I think it has been more than a year since I was here. I wasn’t really expecting to go out anymore but some of my colleagues wanted to so I tagged along, luckily I was in for a treat. Hong kong might be small compared to other places but theres a lot to do.

“Central Hong kong”

First of all, I knew that the weather here would be generally hot so I made sure to wear something comfortable and light. For this trip I’m sporting a top from Straightforward (essential tee), a jogger pants from Top man and a mandals from H&m.

“I won’t lie to you..”

“…I know he’s just not right for you”

We visited a restaurant in Central Hong kong named “Yum-Cha”. My colleague just saw this place on instagram and she promised herself she would eat here. Good choice because this is actually tagged as one of the best places to eat dim sum and other Chinese dishes in Hong Kong. The place did deliver and I would highly recommend going here. Prepare your budgets though since the food here costs around 70 hkd and above. Below are some of the photos of the cute and tasty treats we had.

“The entrance of Yum Cha restaurant”

“Our Orders: Signature buns, Braised beef noodles, Messy pork noodles and Egg noodles + Chix chops”

“Signature buns: BBQ piggy buns, Custard Bun and Green Tea Bun”

Below is my “taste test” face (if there is such haha)

“Hmm masarap ka to? / Lets try this..”

“Nom nom nom nom…”

“Mapapangiti ka sa sarap!/Tasty!!”

“How can I eat you if you look like that?”

“Signature tea + Caged chicks (nah! they’re our dessert!)”

“Baked Pineapple Puff”

After which we really didn’t have plans or any specific places we want to go to but it was still early so we decided to take photos along the busy streets of Central Hong Kong. Here are the photos we were able to produce.

“Just like a moth drawn to a flame..”

“You lured me in I couldn’t sense the pain..”

“Posing with my colleague Dane”

Dang! We really took our time taking photos!

After which we finally decided to call it day. We took a boat ride from central Hongkong going to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbor city and to our surprise the place was picturesque. Although we just passed by, we decided to stop for a while since it was a good place to snap photos.

“HK can’t handle!”

“The HK travel crew: Dane, Edda and Myself”

“Harbour city Hongkong”

“Take it easy on my heart..”

Although the weather this day was scorching hot, I was generally happy with the trip we had. Hopefully next time I come back I’ll be able to bring my whole family and show them the beautiful sights Hong kong has to offer. 




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