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Live. Life. Deviate. with Dv8socks

A piece of what we wear, no matter how big or small, is always a part of our entire style or OOTD. What bag we choose or what shoes we wear to finish off a look can always make everything appear more cohesive and polished.

Socks is also a part of our #OOTD and we can actually explore different ways to style it. Sometimes a look would come out better if paired with the right socks.

One brand that I experimented with is “Dv8socks”. I just discovered them recently and I instantly fell in love with the brand. Seeing their styles makes me excited to choose as their countless designs appeal and cater to everyone.   

Dapper in Socks

If you’ve been constantly checking my OOTD’s, you’d know that I’m more into the dapper and smart casual looks than street. One fact about me is that I own more dress shoes than sneakers. It’s not that I don’t like street style but it’s just that my personality has always been attracted to a more formal and a dapper style fashion.

My usual go to look would be dress pants + sleeved top + dress shoes. You can always see me at events in such fashion and I also dress like so when I travel. This time around though, I can add more personality to it by pairing it with socks from Dv8socks. 

Using the socks from Dv8socks, my usual style can get more flavorful and personalized. I love how Dv8socks have TONS of styles to choose from. I can go playful or colorful depending on my mood. Almost all their socks go well with my smart casual look. All I have to do is just mix and match. It’s definitely a fine addition to step up my OOTD gaming.

“Wearing my geometric socks from Dv8socks”

Running in Style

One thing that people don’t know about me is that I’m transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Meaning eating healthier foods and engaging in physical activities. Progress might be slow (because I am nowhere near sporty!) BUT it’s progress nonetheless.

Active wear is actually something I personally find simple but I always like to be inspired with what I wear. I paired my workout clothes with some socks from Dv8socks and it made it stand out.

Sometimes before I workout or run, all I think of is food (or what to eat after!) so I decide to wear them on myself to keep me inspired. Yup, wear them.. because Dv8socks have designs that makes you crave such as Donuts, Coffee and even Pizza. Below is what I wore during one time I went out for an early morning run.

Live. Life. Deviate.

Dv8socks truly has countless styles to choose from that caters to all ages and gender. They have colorful/playful ones to formal ones that’s subtle in style.

Do checkout Dv8socks on their Facebook page ( or on Instagram (@dv8socks) and start to live life deviate.


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