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London: timeless and diverse

As one of the most visited cities in the world, London has definitely a lot to offer. From food, dining, entertainment and history, the options are limitless. I have travelled here around four (4) times already but each time I come here I still marvel and awe at the majesty of the structures and the diversity of their culture. Indeed, London is a place I would never forget for this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Time is never enough to go around because there are thousands of places to discover and each brings a unique experience. London is truly timeless, diverse and majestic. 

Read on to see how I spent my one day rediscovering London. 

My trip here this time was short so I decided to just revisit some of the places I’ve already been to 3 years ago (too bad I wasn’t into blogging then. I didn’t take any “quality” photos)

“Myself at the London Waterloo station”

Going around London is easy. Everything is accessible by train in which they call the Tube. We took the train going to “Waterloo” station as this is their main junction station where all trains meet. From here you can start exploring London. The one day train pass costs around 12 pounds/672 pesos.

Immersed in it’s history, London’s main structures can be seen at a location called the Westminister Abbey. The Big ben, London eye, St. Mary’s cathedral and Buckingham palace all circle here. The facade of these structures are all striking as they are all intricately made and history intact. Built in 1859, the Big ben is one of London’s most iconic structures and has become a cultural icon. It is part of London’s House of Parliament but the name refers to the great bell on top of the clocktower at the north end of the palace.

“The Big Ben: the name refers to the great bell on top of the clocktower at the north end of the palace”

“The London Eye”

The London eye can also be located at the Westminister Abbey. London eye is the city’s largest ferris wheel ride. It has been numerously used as a shoot location for music videos and movie scenes. Riding it costs around 18 pounds/ 990 pesos but the view is spectacular. You will be able to see the whole stretch of River Thames and Westminister. At night, people ride this to watch the city lights illuminate and setting the view in breathtaking fashion.

“Meet my good friend Pat. We studied nursing together and she is now working as a full time nurse in U.K”

“My friend Pat and my colleague Maine”

Aside from Westminister, there are lots of other places and sights to visit in London but I chose to revisit one of my favorites “The Little Venice”. Little Venice is a tranquil and scenic canal area that houses waterboat pubs and cafes. Here you can enjoy a quiet afternoon tea with breathtaking view. You can also take a relaxing boat ride to see the span of the area. This is a really good place to chill away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. To get here, you must alight at Paddington station.

“Coffee and tea time at Cafe Laville in Little Venice, London”

One activity my colleagues wanted to do in London was shopping. I’m not into shopping but London’s Tottenham Court and Oxford boasts tons of shop options that you won’t be able to resist. From cheap finds to high end boutiques, shoppers are really in for a treat. Everything can be found here. Shoes, bags, perfumes, gadgets and even make up, you just need to be picky on which one you think is the best deal. Remember, not all products are priced the same. To get here, alight at Oxford or Tottenham court station.

“Below is a photo of the iconic red bus taken in Oxford, London”

“Also had a bite at Shake shack Oxford. Yum!”

“Ofcourse, I had to have my photo taken at the Iconic red telephone booth. Im channelling my inner superman here”

While my Colleagues were busy shopping, Me and my friend Pat also roamed around the area of Oxford/Tottenham. Here’s what we were able to see.

Needless to repeat but although I’ve been to London four times now, I would never trade having the experience to visit here. This place may be diverse and busy but it really has a treat for everyone. London is a place I love and it would be forever etched in my heart. Always in awe of London.

P.S. If you are interested to check out my complete OOTD in London, click on the next style post “London in Style”. Cheers!


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