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“Make Today Magical”: The Belle De Jour 2019 Planner Launch

Have you been hearing jingle bells lately? If so, then you are not alone in realizing how fast time flies. We are towards the last quarter of this year and it cannot be denied that 2019 is fast approaching. 

One thing I personally buy when I prepare for the upcoming year is a 2019 planner. I’ve been using the “Navi” planner by Belle De Jour as one of my planners (yes i do have multiple ones) for 2 years now and it’s a given that I’ll be using it again next year. In our digital age, I still find it easier to write my schedules on a planner than thru a mobile phone app. There is a sense of fulfillment in jotting down notes and scribbles on a planner that a mobile app just can’t provide. 

“The Navi 2019 Planner by Belle De Jour on my hands”

The good news is that THE WAIT IS OVER! Belle De Jour has finally launched their collection of planners over the weekend (October 20-21) through their 2-day event called “Make Today Magical”. Yearly I’ve been looking forward to the planners by Belle De Jour and this year is no different.

The launch took place at Estancia Mall Pasig and everything was indeed magical. The two days offered different activities for the guests but I chose to attend the event on Oct. 21 (Sunday). 

Upon arriving at the venue, the place indeed seemed magical. The registration process was seamless and I was given my gold ticket where the activity schedules were listed. There were booths around the venue and the guests were treated on a one-of-a-kind experience. 

We, as guests, had an option to go through different stations and experience tons of activities that are each unique. I started mine with the Mobile Photography 101 class with photographer Kenneth Amparo. Here we were given some tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect “Flatlay”. Afterwards, I proceeded to the “Cake Decorating” Activity by Goldilocks wherein we produced a “Halloween-themed” Cake. It was my first time doing cake decorating and it wasn’t as easy as it looks! (but it was very much enjoyable). 

“My creative flatlay for the Mobile Photography 101 Session”

“The Halloween themed cake by Goldilocks that we needed to replicate”

I also did “Canvas Bag Stamping” and “Mason Jar Decorating” during the event. Lastly, I finished my visit at the event with a “Tarot Card Reading” by Drew Lacia. 

“My Capricorn Design Canvas Bag”

“Getting your fortune told is exciting!”

I wasn’t able to do everything but there were really tons of activities to do the event. Other things to do were the “Vision Board Making”, “BDJ Journal Personalization” and “Calligraphy 101”. There were also talks with themes like “Ambition vs. Dream” and “Experiencing Personal Growth”.

It was indeed a magical day for all the guests and it was an event definitely worth attending. Among the collections I’ve seen at the event, my favorite is the Navi 2019 Planner as it really speaks my style. It’s simple but stylish and travel focused (Kinda like myself!). I’ve always been attracted to this planner because its something that represents me. The pages also continuously screams wanderlust and gives insights to different destinations which feeds my desire to explore. Aside from that, it’s also worth noting that it is handy and has enough pages for all my writing needs.


The Belle De Jour 2019 planners and notebooks are now available at all Bookstores Nationwide. Get yours today and start making your days more magical!

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