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My Calypso.PH Holiday Picks for December 2017

It’s December and Christmas is just around the corner. You can already hear the holiday jingles and the advent season has begun. You can really feel the hustle and bustle as holiday shoppers are now starting to fill the malls, tiangges and bazaars just to finish their Christmas shopping. So instead of going through the hassle of joining in on the holiday rush, why don’t you just relax at home, fix your budget, order online and then wait for your gifts to be delivered?

YES TRY IT!! This coming holidays I suggest surprising your loved ones with some quality bracelets from Calypso.Ph. For those who don’t know yet, Calypso.Ph is an online brand that specializes in making quality bracelets for all ages and gender. It is a brand that I truly feel strongly about because quality bracelets are hard to find. This brand not only provides quality but also money’s worth (especially those who are running on a specific budget, this is a good option for you!). The people behind the brand too are truly good persons and are very easy to transact with.

“The bracelets come beautifully boxed so there’s no need to repack. Just place a ribbon and it’s good to go. Truly saves time!”

Another good thing is that in true Christmas Spirit, Calypso.PH are giving back a portion of their sales to “A Better Chance Foundation” this December. This foundation gives scholarships to out-of-school youths and helps them have proper education. This means that this season, when you buy gifts from Calypso.Ph, your loved ones wouldn’t be the only one receiving a gift, you would also help out youths that are in need.

Their products and collections are available on their website (Do check it out). Everything is there and the options are limitless. However, this tends to be problematic for some as they don’t know which one to get and for whom to give it to. Don’t worry though! I’m here to help out in hopes of making it easier for you and for your loves ones to receive the bracelets that would really suit them while at the same time maintaining ON BUDGET! Read on below.


For Him: Rhodes and Florence (460php + 450php)

Guys are very difficult to give gifts to. I have people come up to me to ask what I want and I would go blank because I couldn’t think of anything. Don’t fret! You don’t need to stress yourself anymore because why not give your guy something unique this year. Calypso.Ph specializes on male bracelets so I’m sure that no matter the guy (whether he is into fashion or not) he would love the bracelets from Calypso. I suggest the Rhodes and Florence bracelets because they give off the chill and relaxed feel of the summer season. Guys don’t want something loud so this combination is very subtle just  enough to show off that sense of personality but at the same time remaining masculine.

“Rhodes – Green Bracelet from Greek Collection. Florence – Brown Bracelet from Roman Collection”

“Myself sporting the Florence and Rhodes Bracelets”

For Her: Naples and Sienna (450php + 480php)

Millennial girls are always trendy and stylish so something unique and full of personality will do the trick. I suggest the Naples and Sienna bracelets. These two combined gives a warm and sweet vibe that girls nowadays love. It’s also very sophisticated so girls can pair it with almost anything on their wardrobe. My Sister loved it and she paired it with her Sunday dress. It looked really great and it gave off a youthful vibe (which all of us need haha). She also wore it when she was wearing just a casual top and jeans and it still looked great. Such versatile pieces.

“Naples – Turquoise bracelets from Roman Collection. Sienna – Purple Bracelet from Roman Collection”

“My sister sporting the Sienna and Naples bracelets”

For Mom: Delphi and Milan (470php + 460php)

It is common knowledge that moms want beautiful things that are both elegant and timeless. Calypso.Ph have something that is just that! A good combination for Moms is the Delphi and Milan Bracelets. The Delphi Bracelets are all made with pearls and the Milan bracelet have red coral stones. The Milan complements really beautifully with the Delphi bracelet giving off sophistication and class. My Mom really loves her bracelets and she wears them ALL THE TIME. I remember that she was really wowed by the bracelets when she first saw them. She also wore them to one of her social gatherings and even her “kumares” ask her where she got them. Personally, this specific combination is my favorite.

“My Mom wearing the Delphi and Milan”

“Milan – Red Bracelet from Greek Collection. Delphi – Pearl bracelets from Roman Collection”

For Dad: Pisa and Sparta (450php + 440php)

Dads can be difficult persons to give gifts to but remember that they can be stylish too! I suggest getting the Pisa and Sparta bracelets. The Sparta bracelets are made of hematite stones which has healthy magnetic properties. It helps people relax so it’s really good for Dads that are stressed from too much work. The Pisa bracelet on the other hand goes very well the Sparta so they’re really a good match. My Dad is hard to please and he is not into fashion and style however when he saw the bracelets he was excited and couldn’t wait to try them. He said his brother and sister would be happy seeing him with an improved sense of style. I believe that this option should be given to dads. They want to be stylish, they just don’t know how or they just have no time for it. So why don’t you help them out?

“Sparta – Black bracelet from the Greek collection. Pisa – Brown bracelet from Roman Collection”

“Dad wearing the Sparta and Pisa with his chill and laid back attire”

“Surprise Mom and Dad with these beauties!”

For your Special Someone: Distance Bracelets (890php)

For that special someone, I suggest non other than the Distance bracelets. Specifically designed with lovers in mind, distance means so little when someone means a lot. The Distance Bracelets are designed to ease the loneliness of being away from your loved one, with a piece to remember each other by. Just like a strong relationship, the Distance Bracelets represents true love that conquers any distance. (Take note that no one is wearing my distance bracelet. is that great news? Hmm. find out soon!)

ALSO Don’t forget to use my holiday code “KEN10” when you make the purchase for that additional discount! Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping.

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