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My Go-To Card: The Union Bank Play Everyday Credit Card

In this day and age, credit cards have become more than just a “want”.  Not really a necessity, but it gives us options and wider payment terms so we can purchase the things we need on time. It has also become a travel companion and an emergency fund for unpredictable/unforeseen situations.

Yes,some people say that credit cards are an additional/unnecessary expense or “dagdag gastos” BUT to people like me, it is a VIABLE OPTION that really does have it’s uses. I can recall a number of times where my credit card saved me. Whew!

But with a lot of banks to choose from, it’s hard to pick which one to trust. Although each one offers something unique compared to another, I always stick to three criteria: “Unique”, “Globally Accepted” and “Trustworthy”.

AND When it comes to Credit Cards, I choose UNION BANK.

Using Union Bank’s Play Everyday Credit Card has been easy, hassle-free and has made adulting fun. I always bring it with me especially when I travel and use it for my transactions overseas. 

Let me tell you more about this credit card. 


The Play Everyday credit card by Union Bank is made by Millenials for Millenials. To avail/qualify, requirement includes that you must be 20 -35 years old. 

This credit card is unique because it uses a gamefied loyalty program. Union Bank is actually the FIRST bank that used a gamified style as their banking rewards program. Gamified how? Well, the points you earn are displayed in public through what is called the Digital Leaderboard. This is where you can see your standings against other members of the program. 

“The Leaderboard”

Depending on the points you earn, you can  race/rank up with your friends. Through the leaderboard, you can see the top pointer for the week, month or year.  Don’t worry though, the more points you earn, the more rewards you get. 

“Ranks are displayed at the leaderboard”

Points earned are computed as follows: Credit Card – 1 Play point = 10php. 

Just imagine the possibilities on just the necessities you spend for! 

“Me with my avatar GuyPro”

Another unique feature of the card is that you have an option to pick among 12 personalized avatars that would best represent your personality. Are you a book worm? A traveller? or a shopaholic? Every personality is represented through an avatar!

“The 12 Avatars to choose from”

Redeeming rewards is also easy. You redeem them instantly thru the Mobile App or thru  UnionBank Online. Part also of the reward program is that you can gift your reward to a friend. Sharing is caring and this unique feature can help you get closer to a loved one by giving a reward. How sweet right?!  


The Play Everyday credit card is a “Visa” card, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world and get exclusive discounts. I personally use my card overseas and I did not encounter any problem. 

“Ate at the Japanese Steakhouse “Steak Impact” at Chitose, Japan. Meal bill settled using the Play Everyday Credit card. No hassle!”


The Play Everyday Credit Card uses a mobile app that is transparent, updated and easy to use. You can view your outstanding balance and electronic statement anytime as the app runs 24/7. 

The security features on the app is also up to date making sure that your data is protected and encrypted. Face recognition, finger print scan, monthly password changes.. NAME IT, the app got it! You can also use the app to split expenses within family members and pay bills online without worry. How convenient!

“The App Interface”

Overall, I find the Union Bank Play Everyday Credit Card cool and awesome. I LOVE USING IT. 

Want to get one too? Try applying now at


  1. Hello! Your blog about the UB PlayEveryday Credit Card was really helpful! I got it more than a year ago and I am really happy of its convenience and efficiency. It was your blog that I read intensively so I would learn about its perks. Thank you and all the best!

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