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My Singapore trip powered by Big Sky Nation

I guess the saying “third times the charm” holds true when describing how my Singapore trip went on this year. It’s my third time visiting this country but it is only this time that I was really able to delight on what the place has to offer. Maybe because I am a fan of the novel/movie “Crazy Rich Asians” so it was really a forethought that I’ll enjoy this trip, but another (major) factor is that everything this time around was.. easier. 

“The view at the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck”

Easier how? Easier in a sense that the whole trip was seamless. I enjoyed it without worrying thus time was spent on appreciating the place and the people I travel with even more. Honestly, “appreciated” is really an understatement. I actually didn’t want to leave that I nearly cried before the plane took off to Manila. This time around, I fell in love.

“The Famous Singapore Icon: The Merlion”

“The Marina Bay Sands Hotel at Night”


“The Big Sky Nation Tavel Wifi”

This is actually my first trip out of the country where I got to bring a “travel wifi” around and little did I know that it would make such a difference. It made our trip so much easier.

“Marina Bay Sands Hotel”

“Taking a dip at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool”

I’ve heard a lot about “travel wifis” from my colleagues and friends but I wasn’t really buying it. Usually when I travel, my mindset is that: “I wouldn’t need an internet connection since I’ll be out and about all day. I’ll never get lost.. AND if I do get lost, I’ll use my charm and ask locals for help. I’LL DEFINITELY MANAGE.

It’s because of this mindset that some of the travels and layovers I had turned out to be quite a mishap (medyo fail). Sometimes things became really challenging and stressful and all I had at hand was a map which I cannot even decipher. My “charm” also did not work as the locals were snobby and very unhelpful (some even shout and say “NO ENGLISH!”). Remembering it now makes me laugh. I guess it’s all part of the adventure.

This time around I thought different. I thought that it’d be cool to bring around a travel wifi so my family and I would have an easier time going around. I don’t remember much on how I was able to go around during my last visit but this time I want everything smooth.

Choosing which provider was the first (difficult) step. There’s a lot to choose from in the market. I did some research on different brands but I was pulled in with Big Sky Nation. Something about it sounds “legit” and the reviews were good. A friend of mine also attested that the service was beyond satisfactory so thats a plus. 

I finally decided to go with Big Sky Nation and everything about it was easy. I just filled out a form on their website and the device was delivered to my place 3 days prior the trip. The device was also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. I find it appealing when a product is aesthetically pleasing and has character.


SPEED: Super fast wifi connection anywhere in Singapore!

When we were going around, we stopped and located the restaurants we wanted to try using our phones. We were able to get specific directions online instead of walking around aimlessly. We were also able to book taxis using a hailing/grab app and it really saved time. I was able to upload my contents on time and I was able to receive/send emails promptly. I got to chat with my friends and relatives who keeps me updated if ever an emergency comes up. We even got to call my Dad who wasn’t able to join in on this trip.

Being connected all day really has it’s benefits. Although there are Internet connection on Hotels and Airports, you spend so little time in those places and actually spend your day out and about the city.

“At the Merlion Park”


Big Sky Nation is truly powerful. They cover over 100 nations worldwide. The device can be delivered straight to your doorstep for only 95php (per way), and they have one of lowest deposit fees in the Philippines at 2000php. Unlimited all day internet abroad is only at 490php per day. Talk about a sweet deal!

Big Sky Nation’s internet connection uses the 4G technology so the connection is really fast. When I was using it, It actually didn’t feel like a mobile/signal dependent wifi. It was as fast as our home broadband wifi! It also remained fast even if both my sister and I were connected all the time. 

“My sister and I connected thru Big Sky Nation’s Wifi”

Big Sky Nation devices also has a long 8 to 16 hour battery life. I turned on the device and it lasted all throughout our days’ trip. I never lost connection. I didn’t encounter any problems with the connection or the device at all.

Lastly, it’s also very easy to use. You turn on the wifi device then connect your phone to the devices’ wifi hotspot and enter the password.. VOILA! No registration needed. I could really go on and talk about how easy this trip went and how thankful I am that I had Big Sky Nation this time around but If you are traveling soon, this one is a must-have! 

You may book your own Big Sky Nation travel wifi at their website and use my code “ROAMWITHKEN” to get a 10% off. Happy Traveling! 

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