Oh My Squamish, B.C.

It’s already scorching hot here in the Philippines but did it ever cross your mind that somewhere on the other side of the world, it’s still winter? Last March I was finally able to go back to Canada and visit Squamish, BC in Canada. Thanks to my good friend Michael, myself together with some of my friends were able to go and experience their “Sea to Sky Gondola” and discover adventure by nature.

     “You and I would be just fine..”

 “Eileen, Abby, Myself and Michael. All Smile at the summit”

“Squamish Mountains”

The Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish is one of Canada’s most famous tourist attraction that boasts a year-round outdoor adventure including, hiking, interpretive walks, panoramic views and viewing platforms. The activities that can be done here are perfect for those who seek adventures or love outdoor activities.

During this time of the year though, Sea to sky gondola’s attraction features a winter wonderland theme that caters to people that would like to go snow hiking, skiing or tubing.

     “We see each other with our eyes open but our hearts closed”

Located at Highway 99, which is a 45 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, Sea to sky Gondola starts with a 10 minute cable car ride up the mountains of Squamish offering a spectacular view of Canada’s mountains and coastal ranges. The view was so breath-taking that I forgot I’m scared of heights. Moments like that make you realize how truly blessed you are to have seen such.

     “The overlooking view at the summit lodge”

Upon arrival at the top, you would be at a summit lodge where the experience continues. The Lodge offers self-serve dining and a menu that features fresh, local ingredients that serves a resting area for tourists and hikers. It is in this lodge that we grabbed a bite since we were a bit hungry from the drive. They also offer lots of souvenir items here as well.

From here you could take your time to go around the area but one of their best attractions is just within sight. A 100 meter suspension bridge offers a picturesque view of the area. Everything at this vantage point is truly breathtaking.

      “Too good at leaving love..”

They also have numerous hiking trails that you can try and conquer. They divided the trails to either easy or advanced. You can go ahead and challenge yourself with an advanced trail but we chose the easy route. At the end of the trails, there are stations where you can take your photos. The view is fantastic as well.

 “Send my love to your new lover”

Sea to sky gondola also offers skiing and tubing activities. All activities are definitely worth to try.

We actually headed back early because we have an early flight to catch the next day but along the roads of highway 99, we stopped over at Brandywine falls and Porteau cove as well. Located in Squamish BC, these two are beautiful spots that you can stop over at during your travel towards the sea to sky gondola. They offer picturesque view thats definitely worth the stop. Below are some photos:


As the name implies, Brandywine Falls is a waterfall located in Squamish BC. You start off by walking along a trail inside a forest that leads to the hidden falls. This place also serves as a trail park and picnic area where tourists rest and be one with nature. The falls itself is majestic standing at 65-feet with hard rock layers. The cascading falls gives off a bridal veil appearance.

     “Take me by the wind and fly”

     “Can’t fight what feels right”


Porteau cove is a 50 hectare park where tourists can camp, picnic, swim, dive and windsurf. It’s a haven for scuba divers who wants an adventure since the place contains an old ship that was sunk as their main activity attraction. It is also a nice place to relax and reflect by the shore. The beautiful view right in front of you can be described as ocean paradise as it has a vast sea that never ends with snowcapped mountains as its backdrop. 

Squamish BC is a truly remarkable place that contains countless gems. The road towards the gondola itself id breathtaking to see. i’m glad this trip pushed through and i’ll always cherish this experience forever. I’d love to go back here but next time with more people and with more time on my hands.