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Grooming by Ponds Men

Style isn’t all about clothes. Grooming, especially our skin, is also part of our overall style so taking time for it is a must. Everyone experiences stress, shifting schedules and deadlines but it shouldn’t be an excuse for us not to take care of our skin. It is because of these factors that we should all have a personal facial skin care regimen to avoid looking haggard and stressed.

Personally, I am challenged to keep up with the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle. As a cabin crew, I’m always out and about. I shuffle between early morning flights to graveyard shifts to transpacific flights. The pressure that you have to be always presentable in front of passengers plus the numerous change in time zones and sleep patterns make my skin dull, acne-prone and haggard. YIKES!

One product that I’ve tried though is Ponds Men Energy Charge. It can help you maintain a fresh and revitalized look without stripping your skin of it’s natural lipids. It is also specifically made for men so it fits most male skin types. Try it and see your skin look whiter and refreshed. #getreadytocharge

Ponds men facial washes and moisturizers are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores and beauty section of department stores.

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