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A beautiful smile is one of the best accessories you can wear and that’s a fact. Whether you’re male or female, if your smile is beautiful, you’ll appear more attractive and pleasing. I see the value of this more because as someone who works for an airline company, a warm positive smile can really be the best answer to tough situations and alleviate irate passengers. Smile is truly an integral part of my everyday work uniform.

“Myself in uniform”

Honestly, I’ve never really had any problem with my teeth aside from alignment so I’m quite thankful. I’ve had braces back in college and that corrected the alignment so I am pretty much alright with my teeth. Growing up I also didn’t have cavities or have had any condition that needed a dental procedure to be treated.  

I just heard about people getting their teeth whitened (thru different means) and that made me curious. I thought that it might be cool to have whiter teeth but if ever I’ll be doing it, I want it done somewhere reputable. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other dental clinics so make sure you do your research!

“Meet Dra. Ericka Garcia from Affinity Dental Clinics”

When I visited Affinity Dental Clinics for the first time, I knew that this is a place I can finally try out a procedure I am curious about. The place and equipments are up to date and the dentists are capable and professional. Over all, this Power teeth whitening procedure I did with them was fast and painless with instantaneous results. I am very much satisfied. 

“Affinity Dental Clinics Makati Branch”

If you are curious to find out more, read on and let me take you through the quick and easy process. 

First of all, I was actually curious as to why some people have whiter teeth than others and if there is something we can do to improve it. Dra. Ericka Garcia explained to me that our teeth are like sponges, it absorbs. So when we consume a lot of “colored” food, it gets absorbed by our teeth and cause discolorations. Some people have whiter teeth than others mainly because of what people consume. Wine, coffee, dark berries and smoking are extremely active in staining our teeth. Over time, these stains get darker thus the darker teeth color. This cannot be prevented but we can minimize the discoloration by avoiding such foods/drinks and by brushing promptly after. 


The procedure was simple. A standard informed consent was given first so I can review and understand the procedure to be done. After conforming thru signature, I was ushered to one of their dental rooms where we proceeded with the treatment. 

It started with an assessment/dental examination by their dentist (Dra. Ericka did mine) just to check to see if I am fit to undergo the treatment. I didn’t need cleaning/oral prophylaxis so thats a good sign that my teeth are healthy. Their dentists are all capable and they wouldn’t push through with any treatment if it might jeopardise a patient. During the assessment, the current shade of my teeth were also determined.

“Initial assessment revealed that my pre-treatment shade is BL4”

The pores of my teeth were then opened by a painless procedure called “Etching”. Yes, our teeth have pores too! Take note that teeth whitening opens up the “pores” of our teeth so we have to be extra careful.

“Etching: A procedure done to open the pores of the teeth”

After which, a whitening agent was applied and then left for 20 minutes under a blue bleaching light. This was repeated for 3 cycles to achieve the whiteness desired. 

“Dra. Ericka applying the whitening agent to my teeth”

“Blue light selfie”

“There’s also free Netflix streaming at Affinity Dental Clinics Makati. Awesome right?!”

Post operative teachings and take-home advices were then given before we left the dental room. Remember that if you do undergo teeth whitening, there is a 24-48 hours food/meal modification. Since the pores of our teeth takes time to close, intake of saucy or colored foods/drinks can stain our newly whitened teeth. We should avoid such foods/drinks because we don’t want our teeth to be stained black red or even blue. Yikes! 

“No filter selfie. See how my teeth are white now?”

Over all, the treatment was painless.. well for me at least. It still depends on the pain tolerance of a person but honestly when I underwent the procedure it was painless. The whole procedure took 3 cycles to finish and that lasted for  almost 2 hours.

The results exceeded my expectations as my teeth got visibly lighter. According to Dra. Ericka, my teeth were now 2 shades lighter. Wow! The procedure’s desired effect still varies from case to case though but for me, there was really a marked improvement. So the treatment was a SUCCESS.

“From BL4 I am now around BL2. Two shades lighter actually

Do schedule an appointment with Affinity Dental Clinics not just for teeth whitening but also for your other dental concerns. They also offer procedures such as braces, root canals and more. Take note that Affinity Dental Clinics is currently celebrating their 10th year anniversary and as treat, you can get 10,000php off on their Power Teeth Whitening on Sept. 8 – 28 2018. All you have to do is like their face book page and you’ll qualify for the promo. 

So go ahead. Book an appointment today!  

(Affinity Dental Clinics is located at 2nd Floor, Plaza One Hundred, 100 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City across Medical Towers Makati. (02) 823 5571 / 0917 584 6852)


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