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Préjua: The New Clutch for the Modern Men

Who says clutches are feminine? For the longest time when we say “clutch” we immediately think of items or accessories that is made for females. However, online brand Préjua begs to disagree.

Thats right, clutches can be useful for guys too. Préjua just innovated style with their collection of assorted clutches for men. Not only is it functional but it’s also stylish which is fit for the modern man. Now guys can rock clutches at an affordable price!

Préjua boasts of an assortment of stylish clutches for men. They have Navy blue, White, Tan, Bistre and Black “Geometric” clutches. It’s 13 x 8 in diameter and just costs around 650php (not bad!). They also have lined clutches called the “Beau” and edged clutches called “Aiden” to fit every man’s taste.

“Visit @prejua on Instagram”

“The Aiden and Beau”

I received one of their geometric clutches from the mail and I really liked it. Personally I like the clutch they sent me because of its navy blue color (Blue is my favorite). The quality and texture is also of high calibre. It’s also water resistant so the clutch is sure to keep your essentials dry. It has a number of pockets inside too so your items can fit.

See below how I styled and incorporated this Navy Blue Geometric clutch into my “millennial/young professional” outfit of the day.

“Stand in Confidence”

“Simple things with Bold Statements”

“Less is more”

“Elegant Style can bring out the best”

“Dress well but keep it simple” 

Tell me if you guys liked my OOTD for the day. Is it a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Please do visit Prejua (@prejua at Instagram) to see their whole collection.


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