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Review + Discount code: The Sound of Sudio Nivå by Sudio Sweden.

Remember the saying “Big things come in small packages”? YES! This saying definitely fits how I find the new Sudio Nivå by Sudio Sweden. 

I’ve been hesitant to try out bluetooth/wireless earphones but my prejudices have been completely removed thanks to this. I used to think it’s uncomfortable and unnecessary to invest in such products but I really found using my Sudio Nivå comfortable and hassle-free.

Read on below to find out more about my review of this product (which I was definitely looking forward to trying out). 


I chose a White design for my Sudio Nivå wireless earphones and it’s a beauty. I’m talking about class and sophistication. It’s not too big as it’s not awkward when you wear it and it’s not too small that it’s uncomfortable. I think the size is right and the style is distinctly minimalist yet elegantly Scandinavian. It fits the millennial modern taste. It’s also a plus that it is wireless so NO MORE TANGLES. It also comes with it’s own case that’s also classy and elegant on its own. I’ll get into this case more as we go along.


Although I may seem careful and in control, I’m actually a clumsy and a forgetful person. Maybe it comes with age but I have dropped my Sudio Nivå earphones (and case) for more than 5 times now and I swear it wasn’t intentional. No change in the quality of sound the earphones produce and the case remains in good shape. I’m sure quality products are used to make these as to not break easily. It is also sweat proof so you can definitely use this while at the gym.


This one is what I am really skeptical about when it comes to using wireless earphones. I listen to music a lot and I do not want these earphones dying on me when I’m in a mood for sound tripping. 

I can say that the battery life on the Sudio Nivå is quite good. Sudio Nivå earphones features 3.5 hours of battery life and is equipped with a simple yet fashionable portable charging case, which doubles as a contemporary design piece that can go anywhere with you. It provides an additional 4 charges – bringing the total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours of battery life. SWEET!

And yes, I’ve been using the Sudio Nivå earphones at the gym, on the way to work and technically whenever I feel like it but not once did it die on me. Charging time is also relatively fast. 


Sudio NIVÅ brings a clear and crisp sound signature that allows me to fully immerse in the music. I’ve been using a lot of earphone brands so I can say that comparing it to some others, Sudio Nivå is better. I can hear the base clearly and the music isn’t distorted. The earphones also block outside noise to an extent so you can fully immerse yourself into the music. I have also used the earphones while running at the gym and I didn’t encounter any problems of it falling off or what not. It also comes with 3 pairs of different-sized sleeves for the most secure fit and comfort to the ears.

Overall I think this is a wonderful product worth the purchase. As this is actually Sudio’s first-ever truly wireless earphone collection, the NIVÅ is dynamic, lightweight, classy and lets you free the sound. It provides Premium sound quality that is really what we look for in an earphone. 


You may checkout to see the Sudio Nivå and all the products they have.

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Again, if you are looking for quality earphones, trust me on this and do check out Sudio Sweden and their array of products as it is truly something of class and quality. 

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