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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® launches its yearly gift: The 2018 Giving Journal

Yes It’s that time of the year again! -Ber months are here and that means now is the season for joy, merriment and gift giving. Resident coffee and tea enthusiasts (like myself) would agree that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® wouldn’t miss this momentous season to spread the love to everyone.

“So.. What your New Year’s Resolution?”

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has just launched their 2018 Giving Journal last October 18 2017 at CBTL 26th St. Bistro BGC through their (#hashtag) “Tradition of Giving” event. The celebration was fun and full of surprises as speakers from the CBTL team themselves graced the event and introduced to us the heart of the Campaign and what this season really means to them.

“The CBTL team sharing to us the theme behind this year’s giving journal”

“Our creative table: Paul, Myself, Christian and Chelsea”

“Signature CBTL sandwiches and coffee were served during the event”

Now for it’s 10th year, the Giving Journal’s theme was all about: “Leaving A Legacy”. The brand dedicates its 10th year to this purpose – to empower each individual to live excellently and purposefully thru living a life of service to others. In line with this, instead of the usual new years’ resolution question like “What do I want to do? (this year)”, questions such as “ What are my roles” and “What does the world need from me” is encouraged.

As Christmas season is truly as season of giving, coffee bean would want us to live by the name of this journal: Give Back. It is time to expand our vision by including others and transforming the lives of communities for the better in our own little ways. Proceeds from the Giving Journal would be shared to Real LIFE foundation, an institution that provides educational assistance and transforming the lives of the underprivileged.

For the 10th year giving journal launch, the place was decorated by Christmas lights and a beautiful “Tradition of Giving wall”. Polaroid photos with the guest’s resolutions were hanged for every one to see and ponder upon. The program also included fun Q&A’s where the guests would win CBTL prizes. We were also given the chance to color our own Giving Journal cover… Wait what?!!

That’s right! what makes this year even more special is that the design lineup for the 2018 Giving Journal includes one with a Customizable cover. Awesome! (I chose the green one though cause one of my favorite drinks from CBTL is the “Moroccan Mint”)

Below are the photos of the 2018 Giving Journals. Which one will you choose?

How to redeem the giving journal?

The 2018 Giving Journal may be claimed at any The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® store all throughout the promo period from October 21, 2017 to January 14, 2018. A stamp card completed with 12 stamps must be presented at any CBTL establishment to claim the Journal. Stamps may be earned by purchasing of the following items:

1 Original Ice Blended®
1 Tea Latte
1 Coffee-Based beverage
1 Holiday featured beverage
8 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Beverages

Stamps may also be collected by purchasing: 1 Ready Coffee Box1 CBTL Capsule Box (2 stamps) and 1 CBTL Single Serve Beverage System (12 Stamps). Also take note that Combining of Stamp Cards are not allowed.

And thats it! Head on to the nearest CBTL in your area and start collecting stamps. Cheers and Happy Holidays!



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