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My Top Party Foods with J. Bistro Catering

We are already more than halfway through December and Christmas is fast approaching but aside from gifts, festive lights and vacation from work, one thing to look forward to about the holidays are PARTIES! Whether it’s a corporate party or an intimate gathering of friends, December is bound to bring a gathering of some sort.

However, Parties are never complete without any grub involved – after all, a party is only remembered by 3 things: the venue, the people you were with, and the food served. Party food has always been a favorite of many people – it’s a sign of celebration, a sign of getting together with people you care about and having a good time

I’ve attended quite a number of parties and below are my top picks for Party foods.

1. Onion Rings – The best way to get things started is to grab some of these. These are easy to eat and will get the night started! Really great if paired with a tasty dip.

2. B.L.T. – BLT (which stands for bacon, lettuce, and tomato) is a timeless burger and is apropos to many events – eat one of these with a drink in hand, while you chat with your friends. Be that social multi-tasker everybody aspires to be!

3. Fried Chicken – How can you have a party without fried chicken? This dish completes the meal, and we all know it! Nobody can say no to a juicy, flavorful fried chicken – especially with crispy skin!

4. Pork Sisig – When people say, “May pulutan sa party!” – you automatically think that there will be pork sisig, no doubt about it. Every Pinoy gathering has to have one of these to complete the bash. With just a sprinkle of calamansi and soy sauce (with dried chilis, for those who like it spicy), you’re set for the night ahead! This one is really great paired with drinks especially beer.

5. Spaghetti – This one is a classic. The typical Pinoy celebration will always have this popular pasta dish. We like the sauce sweet, with lots of hotdog and grated cheese on top. Pair this with the crispy fried chicken, and you know there would be no diet for the night.

6. Nachos – When you need a break from all these heavy dishes, you know you can count on this one. Nachos topped with melted Cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, and ground beef = heaven for party guests! Pica Galore!

7. Pizza – Another thing that’s always present in barkada parties is Pizza. This comes with many flavors (choose to go for meat-lovers’, Hawaiian, or even a fusion-flavored pizza) to suit everybody’s taste in the party. Get a few slices before they ran out in the party, because you know it will!

Here’s the good news! Jet 7 Bistro Catering serves all of these delicious party dishes mentioned above. Give them a call or check out their site, and book them for your hassle-free celebration!

For catering inquiries, you can text or call: ‎+63 917 356 8824 / ‎+63 917 891 5027. Visit for more information.

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